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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.
How much does a party cost? There are a lot of factors that determine the price of a party - things like number of guests, location, entertainment, supplies & gifts, and type of transportation. We've helped clients with a wide variety of events ranging in price from $35 to a few thousand per person, for 3 - 150 or more guests, in town at one spot, traveling or for an entire weekend, and more. As you can see, that makes this a tough question to answer! But be assured that we know the industry ins and outs, and we'll help you to make sure you have the very best party you can with your guest list and budget.
How far in advance should I call Brides Night Out when planning a party? We recommend that you contact us at least 2-3 months before your party date. Often the time of year affects the availability of limos, clubs or restaurants. We want to make sure you and your guests get to go to all of the places you want without waiting. Moreover, if you are planning a destination event, it is also best to plan ahead, as arranging travel and accommodations for a large group is usually more complicated and consequently time consuming than one would expect.
Is it possible to travel for my party rather than staying in my city? ABSOLUTELY! We have planned destination events all over the globe. The most popular US locations are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Palm Springs, New Orleans, San Diego, Miami, and Chicago. Call us for more information, so we can figure out which hot spot is best for you and your guests.
What about food or music? No problem! We have a network of fantastic DJ's, bands, caterers, and bakery chefs all over.
Do I have to do any shopping for gifts, favors or decorations? No way! We offer an extensive variety of all of the above as well as custom goodies created especially for your event. And if there's something specific you want, then we'll do the legwork and pick it up or create it for you. Whatever you want, we can get!!
What if I want personalized or unique favors and outfits for the bride and guests? We have jewelry designers, silk screeners and graphic artists who create the most incredible custom favors, apparel, gifts and more. We believe that personalized party keepsakes make events even more special.
The Bride does not want to have a crazy bachelorette party, but something a little more low key. Do you have any options? Yes! Whether you are not particularly fond of the club/bar scene or you prefer something more mild or sophisticated, we work with you on creating a theme that supports the personality of the party.
Prefer keeping your party at home, we can arrange for the fun to come to you: "Pamper and Play" massage or spa party, as well as, the "Girl's Wine Tasting" event are just a couple of options we have provided. Keep in mind that we always customize an event specifically for you.
What makes Brides Night Out different from other party planners? We do bachelorette parties. As the pioneer in the industry we bring experience, creativity and dedication to every party we plan. We love being able to work with clients one on one and offer personalized planning services. Helping you make your dream event a reality is our number one goal.
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